January 18, 2018

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#9 Allison Leigraf

3B, 2B, 1B

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Allison Leigraf Player Profile

#9 Allison Leigraf returns for her 11th season on the St Louis Heat. She can play any infield position, but is most often found at 3rd base, as her quick hands and fast reflexes make her a natural there. Allison has a strong arm and also provides excellent defensive coverage on bunts. Allison is a middle of the order hitter with an aggressive gap to gap approach.  She is a gritty softball player with excellent knowledge of the game.

Allison is also strong academically; as a homeschooled student, she has been able to advance quickly through her curriculum and is already beginning to study calculus as a sophomore. Allison is interested in studying statistics in college.

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